Toptextil ensures that the use of the fabrics signed with his brand is simple and enjoyable, which is why they have created Cleanaboo technology that restricts liquid absorption through the fabric structure.

Cleanaboo is not just the protective coating of the fabric. Cleanaboo is a technology that forms the basis of our collections. That is why the fabric is not only protected from the outside, but above all from the inside.

Thanks to Cleanaboo, any liquid spilled forms drops and does not penetrate the interior. All stains, even coffee, wine or currant juice stains have no chance!

The upholstered furniture is the heart of every living room and kitchen. Especially on the sofa, the life of the residents runs. That's why it's so important that the textiles you spend so much time on are beautiful, comfortable, functional and, above all, easy to maintain. Thanks to Cleanaboo your sofas, armchairs and chairs will be free from soiling and look like new for a very long time.